About Us

Trinity is a warm, compassionate church that strives to glorify God both in our worship and our relationships with each other. We are a church that is multi-cultural and diverse. One could suggest that we offer a glimpse of what eternity may be like. We are a church that strives to maintain Biblical authority, accuracy and truth. When at Trinity you will experience strong teaching, loving members, and a heart of praise and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ. We are a church that actively tries to submit to one another, out of our reverence for Christ Jesus. At Trinity there are a lot of opportunity to Serve, Grow and Learn.    

To Serve               

We are a church that desires to provide opportunity for all people to serve one another. People are designed to be different, diverse and unique; at Trinity we embrace the uniqueness in which God created us. We offer a great place to learn new spiritual disciplines, to practice one’s giftedness and to explore new opportunities in order to be used by God. We are a church that embraces mentorship and encouragement in order to build the body of believers and to bring glory to God.  

To Grow               

Trinity is a church that embraces the ability to practice activities that allow for a deeper connection with Jesus Christ. Whether it be through prayer, devotion and fellowship; one will strengthen their relationship with God through the exploration of spiritual formation exercises. We take an iron sharpening iron approach within our church, where together we can strengthen each other in our walks with Jesus.  

To Learn               

Trinity is a church that desires to consistently know more about God, theology, and Jesus’ body; the church. We enjoy our times of fellowship, where we can encourage one another to dig deeper in our understanding of who Jesus is. We are a church that works towards growing “deep roots” in our faith, so that when struggles may come, we all will be able to handle them. We do enjoy asking the tough questions around faith.