Loneliness in a social media age?

Isn't it ironic that in a digitally connected age, so many are desperately lonely? You can live in a large city, have a zillion friends on Facebook, connect with people from around the world online, and yet have few friends close by. God has a solution for loneliness - it's called community and it's found in His family, the church. When asked what they like about Trinity, people commonly say, "It's my family." We love to hear that.

What's the Trinity family like?

Like the city of Calgary, we are becoming more and more culturally diverse! At Trinity you will find native Calgarians, and a considerable number from other provinces, countries, and continents. We are small enough to be a family yet open-hearted enough to warmly welcome newcomers.

If you are already a believer in Christ, just checking us out, or even skeptic about Christianity, you are always welcome!

Do you like soup?

One of our our favorite events is our monthly soup and bun lunch. It's casual, delicious, and intergenerational - just like a family should be.