Years ago, I was blessed to sell life insurance for a period. I worked for some of the banks, and other life insurance companies. As I would work my way through an application with the client, most of the questions were easily answered. Most answers were dependable upon a yes or no answer. However, there was always one that needed clarification. Most of the insured however answered this question the same way.

The question at hand was whether the policy was to be revocable or irrevocable. It consistently posed to be a problem. For a policy to be revocable, would suggest that the owner or insured of the policy could change the policy at any time, for any reason. Irrevocable, suggested the opposite. It was secured, constant and was unchangeable. Individuals routinely, once they understood the question always made the policy revocable. It allowed for them to always control it; or to provide an easy escape if needed. The only policy I sold that was marked irrevocable was a policy of two partners in a business who purchased a policy to “buy out” the other, in case of death. They made it irrevocable so that no one could change the agreement apart from completing a giant amount of paperwork and going through intense questioning.

I came across a wonderful passage the other day. Romans 11:29 (ESV), states, “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable”. In context, this phrase speaks that God is unrepentant or does not mournfully grieve giving us the gifts and his call to us as believers. Both the gifts and call of God are directed from the Holy Spirit. Paul tells us in Ephesians 1:11-14, that God gives himself to us as our seal that guarantees our inheritance. God does not grieve or repent giving us himself. He has sealed us within the confines of the parameters of himself. While being irrevocable, God’s covenant with us is unchangeable and permanent. He has put himself in the difficult position, where he permanently declared he will always be faithful to his promises towards us despite our constant unfaithfulness to him. God has marked the terms as unchangeable. This should be of great encouragement to your heart today to know that in your weaknesses and struggles, God remains faithful. He does not have remorse in calling you his own.