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Dear Trinity Family,

Arlene and I first visited Trinity in September 2014. After a one hour phone interview with Luc Frenette, one of the elders, I was invited to preach. I thoroughly enjoyed preaching a series from Philippians to an unusually receptive congregation! That led to an opportunity to meet with the search committee, and an invitation to become pastor of Trinity, which I happily accepted. I began my ministry on April 1, 2015.

From the moment we walked into this fellowship, Arlene and I sensed something very special about this church family. I don’t quite know how to describe it. The word that comes to mind is real.  The worship, fellowship, and spiritual vibrancy of this congregation was genuine. There was nothing flashy, or frivolous; just ordinary people who loved Jesus, the Word of God, and each other. That love extended to every guest who walked through our doors. These qualities were real and wonderfully refreshing.

Over the years that we have been part of Trinity, it is clear that these qualities are part of the DNA that the Spirit of God has planted in this congregation. This is who you are and it is beautiful to behold! Don’t take it for granted! Cherish it! Guard it! May your overflowing love—for Christ, the Word of God, and each other, continue and flourish!

As Arlene and I move on to the next chapter of our lives, we want you to know that we love you. You took us into your hearts, and we have taken you into ours.

This transition is very different from past ones. We are not moving to another city or province. We will remain in Calgary. As such, we look forward to future opportunities to visit with you, and deepen the friendship we have enjoyed during the past six years!

We will be listening eagerly for developments as you go through this period of transition, and we will be cheering from the sidelines as you seek a new pastor, and plan your future.

Advent is a fitting season to be thinking of transition. During Advent, we enter into the longing of Old Testament believers as they waited for the Messiah. We celebrate the fulfillment of that longing in Jesus Christ, our Savior. And during Advent, we prepare and wait patiently for Jesus’ return.

I’ve often cited John Piper’s statement, passed on to him by his mother: “We live between two lines.” What does he mean? He is referencing John Newton’s most famous hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

“T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far And Grace will lead us home.”

As I conclude my ministry at Trinity, I urge you to live trustingly “between two lines.” God has proven His faithfulness to this congregation through many ups and downs, and through numerous transitions. He has brought you safe thus far. May this give you assurance, and confidence, that He will continue to unfold His plans for you, and ultimately lead you home!

With deep affection,

Pastor Gord