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A Testament to the Truth

Recently I watched a podcast hosted by Jordan B. Peterson in discussion with Jonathan Pageau, who studied Orthodox Theology and Iconology. Peterson is a well-known clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto. He was born and raised in Alberta, gaining notoriety in the late 2010’s through his cultural and political views. He is the author of the popular book “12 Rules for Life,” published in 2018. He became extremely busy with speaking tours, lectures, and debates, receiving through it all constant attacks from his critics. Pressures continued to mount when his wife was given a terminal cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, she has recovered, but during this time Jordan was prescribed medication for anxiety and depression, eventually becoming dependent on them. He has been on a hellish journey to withdraw from this medication, ultimately taking him to Russia to receive extreme treatment. He is currently dealing with severe pain and other side effects while trying to regain his work and writing. He struggles daily to fight for life in coping with his suffering. In this podcast, it is heart-wrenching to see him on the edge of despair, discussing with Jonathan the possibility of the existence of God.

At one point, Jordan comments on his mindset about God, stating he fears there is one. Although he tries to live his life as if there was a God, the thought still terrifies him. He is visibly overwhelmed as he considers acting that fact out fully! “There is no limit to what would happen if you acted like God actually exists,” he states. He is saying this with his observations of the church and Christians. “You are not sufficiently transformed for me to believe that you believe in God! The way you live isn’t sufficient testament to the truth. Christians don’t manifest the transformative attitude that would enable the outside observer to conclude they believe.”

Take some time to reflect at this indictment. It is troubling to see that someone who only tries to act like God exists is overwhelmed when thinking of a life lived in the truth that there IS a God! Are we saturated with the truth of God’s existence and His personal invitation to join Him through the work of Christ so that it makes a difference to how we live? Does our speech, actions, and church community reflect our beliefs and the truth of God’s word? At a time when so many are seeking answers, let us be a light to draw them to the truth.

 Here are some verses to start your study into being an example: Titus 2:7, Eph 5:1-20, Eccl 12:13-14, John 13:35, Phil 4:8, Gal 5:22-23, 2 Cor 1:12.


-Allison Fish