There are many great wonders throughout the scriptures. I came across one that was rather intriguing to my heart, just a few days ago. In the mid-1800’s there was a physician named, James Young Simpson. At the age of 20, Simpson[1] graduated from medical school to be a surgeon. He witnessed many that struggled throughout their surgeries. They were still conscious and aware of what was taken place with their bodies. They felt every cut and bump.

         Simpson was a member of the Free Church in Scotland, who believed in Biblical scripture. Simpson is best known as the founder of the medicine of anesthesia. This was primarily a result of using a product called chloroform.  Simpson began testing chloroform on rabbits to see if it had any affects, immediately the rabbits would fall asleep. Soon after he was found using the substance on humanity, mostly in a mild way to assist pregnant women giving birth. Sadly, A young girl named Hannah Green ended up passing away, and then started the critics of his practice.

        They argued that it was not right to assist in medicine this way. “It is Against God”, was the primary argument from his critics. In a rebuttal, Simpson argued that his inspiration was from God citing Genesis 2:21. Admittedly, this passage is a bit obscure, but God causing Adam to fall into a sleep while He preformed surgery was the inspiration of our modern practice of anesthesia. Ironically enough, the “rib” bone, which was taken from Adam, is the only human bone, while under the right conditions can regenerate itself.[2]

        God has a unique way of showing us his creation, and the perfect plan behind it. Be encouraged today friends, for our God is far superior then we could ever imagine. He has perfectly planned even the small details like these. Though he cares about these obscure fine details in creation, he is also a God who knows us by name.